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About Us

The Mid-South Roadrunners (MSRR) was originally formed by Ray & Phyllis Easter in February  of 2001. Our charter group consisted of twelve members and has grown to a current membership of approximately seventy (70) coaches representing twelve states located mostly in the east and southeast. Our first set of duly elected Officers in 2001 was:

  • Ray Easter – President
  • Marshal Mauck  – Vice President
  • Julie Yeats – Secretary
  • Bob Larkin – Treasurer
  • Glenn Camp  – Campout Coordinator

MSRR was originally a chapter affiliated with the Discovery Owners Association, Inc. (DOAI) since Ray & Phyllis owned a Discovery motorhome at that time. In March of 2005 they traded their Discovery for an American Tradition and were required to forfeit their membership in DOAI. Ray & Phyllis notified the chapter that they were resigning as President, but the MSRR membership refused to accept their resignation and voted to remain intact as an independent club and in October of 2005 voted to become affiliated with the Fleetwood Motorhome Owners Association (FMOA), a “Special Interest Group” (chapter) of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club (FTC). Ray Easter was the founder and organizer of the FMOA and remained a member of the Board of Directors until the spring of 2008.

The first FMOA Eastern Region Rally was organized by Pete Pizzano and Ray Easter and was held in January of 2006 at the Lazy Days campground in Tampa, FL and was named the “Friends First” Rally. The rally has been held there each year since with the year 2015 marking the tenth anniversary.

In the spring of 2008 due to the lack of support and the restrictive Standard Operating Procedures of the FTC, the FMOA board of directors decided to become and independent association with the endorsement of Fleetwood RV and renamed the association the Fleetwood Motorhome Association (FMA). New officers were elected for the association and Ray Easter continues to serve in a consulting and support role to the President and BOD as needed.

For logistic reasons, membership is limited to seventy-five coaches. (At that Time) Membership is open to owners of any brand or class motorhome. Members who decide to downsize or trade for an RV other than a motorhome will remain a member in full standing with full membership rights.

Our Theme is:               “Friends First”

Our Motto is:                “Stay on the shiny side of life”

The purpose of the chapter shall be:

To conduct campouts, tours, rallies and social events that will enhance the friendship, fellowship and knowledge of the RV life style for all members

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