Mid-South Roadrunner Newsletter February 2024 

Hello Roadrunners! It has been a while since our last newsletter and a lot of changes have occurred. First and foremost, the club is growing and has become very active. We have been enjoying more rallies and most of our rallies have been getting sold out… That’s a good thing. It means that you all are having a good time.

During the recent FMA Friends First rally in Eustis, FL, we held a “Meet the Roadrunners dinner”. Many attended and we signed up 21 new members which brings our membership total to 74.


George & Linda Bakos, Dave Clemens, Rena Correia & Mary Thomas, Jim & Missy Cowan, Reed & LuAnn Davis, Tom & Joan Evans, Greg & Betty Ferris, Robert & Toni Gibbs, Bob & Pam Hasse, Ed & Vicki Heath, Harry & Rowena Johnson, Travis & Debbie Jones, Gerald & Mary Kapcsos, Martin Mancuso & Sandra Rollins, Frank & Corrine Miller, Tom & Christine Martorano, Bill & D’Lu Semple, Gary & Connie Summers, Bill & Francine Sutton, Al & Rene Venditti and Greg & Mary Yapple.

We welcome and are looking forward to meeting all of our new members.

During the FMA rally we also held a membership meeting where new officers were voted in. They are as follows:

President – Roger Roy

Vice President – Ken Browning

Treasurer – Mary Ellen Hornsby

Secretary – Paul Williams

We also appointed a new Web Master – Keith Landers. Thanks to Keith we now have a new Website, midsouthroadrunners.com where you can keep up to date about everything ROADRUNNERS from rallies, meetings, new members, photos etc. There is a “MEMBERS ONLY PAGE” that only members can access with the password Deplorable and it is case sensitive.  Thank you, Keith, for all that you do for the club.

Rally news:

We have enjoyed several rallies over the years and in 2023 we had our spring rally in Charleston SC, a summer rally at the Talladega Speedway and in the fall we were in Foley, AL.

For 2024, we just finished up our rally in Eustis in conjunction with the FMA rally and, to date, there are three rallies planned for this year.

The first is a spring Do Nothing Rally, April 18-21, 2024 in Pigeon Forge, TN hosted by Larry Hornsby.

The second, a Summer Rally, July 31- Aug 8, 2024 hosted by Vince and Tracey Lamonica near their home in Jennerstown, PA. They have hosted 5 previous rallies there and these rallies have been very popular. In fact, this rally is now full and there will be a waitlist.

The third scheduled rally, hosted by Roger and Kim Roy will be in Savannah, GA Oct 18-23, 2024. This is guaranteed to be a great rally as the Roy’s rallies are always a great time and very popular. There are limited sites so book soon!

Rallies are a work in progress so keep checking the webpage for updates on these and future rallies.

Anyone is welcome to host a rally. It is not as hard as you may think and can be a lot of fun. This is a very social club and rallies are a big part of that and we need them to keep the club active. If you would like to host a rally you can contact Tracey Lamonica or Roger Roy, your new President.

We look forward to our next event and our next newsletter in the fall. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the next newsletter, please, contact one of our club officers.

Till we meet again, safe travels and always “STAY ON THE SHINY SIDE OF LIFE”.



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