Greetings to all the MSRR members

I want to bring everyone up to-date with what’s happened and what’s coming up. It’s all good.


  • Ronald & Julia Mouser -Polk City, FL
  • Paul & Patty Naugle – Jacksonville, FL                                                                                                                                          

We now have 75 coaches with 131 members.     Amazing.

It’s so awesome to have so many new friends finding our group is fun to be with.


 Our “Do Nothing Rally” held in April 2024 at Pidgeon Forge, TN, hosted by Larry & Mary Ellen Hornsby, was great fun. Bernadette (Bernie) and I enjoyed everything we didn’t do.

The Mardi Gras was spectacular with winners of best costumes. And then, of course, happy hour is the best time to share stories, travels and meet the newbies and guests.

Thank you, Larry, and Mary Ellen.

Friendship Village Bedford, Pa

As mentioned in our last newsletter, there will be a rally in Pennsylvania, July 31 – Aug 8 hosted by Vince and Tracey Lamonica. They have always held fun rallies, and this will be one of those.

It will start at the Jennerstown Speedway, Jennerstown, PA and ending in Friendship Village, Bedford, PA. There is so much to see and do while in the Jennerstown area. Rusty Musket Distillery, Laughlintown is right over the mountain and offers the Compass Inn Museum and famous Laughlintown Pie Shoppe. Also, Fort Ligonier Museum with many quaint little shops, restaurants, and a wonderful Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Bedford, PA also has so much to see and do with great restaurants and shops.

This link will give you the details on the rally.

Creekfire Resort, Savannah Ga

October 18-23, 2024, there is a rally hosted by Roger (El Presidente) and Kim Roy at the CreekFire RV Resort In Savannah, GA. Excellent park with excellent hosts. There will be happy hours and maybe a restaurant outing. They’re narrowing down the many things we can do together…looking at excursions like:

Riverboat tour – includes a meal

A trolly tour of Savannah

And (of course) a Ghost tour – I ain’t fraid uh no ghosts

This link will give you the details on the rally.


Fleetwood Motorcoach Association

January 21-26/2025, we will be attending the 19th Annual Friends and Family Fleetwood Motor Home (FMA) rally at the Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, FL. It’s an annual event that the MSRR goes to every year and if you join the FMA and attend we know you will enjoy it too.

If interested go online to:

There are usually limited spaces offered by campgrounds for any rally and even though we reserve plenty, they fill up fast. So, join us.

Having hosted many times, Bernie and I know it’s fun to host a rally and not that hard…especially with co-hosts helping. It’s a great way for new members to get involved and see what happens “behind the scenes”. Maybe there’s a place that you know of and would like the MSRR to hold a rally there. We can help you find out how to do that.

To find out more call Tracey Lamonica or Roger Roy (info on the roster) or talk to them at a rally.

If you haven’t visited us online, we have an excellent website (put together by our webmaster and member Keith Landers) with all this information on it. There are also so many other items I know you will be interested in. A few things are, roster of members, treasurers report (we have total transparency), about us, rallies, newsletters, etc.

Go to:

Well, that about wraps up this newsletter. Should you have anything to contribute to our next newsletter contact one of us below

  • President – Roger Roy
  • Vice President – Ken Browning
  • Treasurer – Mary Ellen Hornsby
  • Secretary – Paul Williams
  • Web Master – Keith Landers.

It was fun talking about you.

Till we meet, stay healthy, travel safely and…


Paul Williams – Secretary – Extraordinaire



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